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Friday, April 9, 2010

A shift in growth...

I haven't written in a minute, but here I am again! Transitions-transitions, that's all I can say! You know life is no joke and sometimes it has the tendency to really sneak up on you with things to totally alter your plans! I mean to really have the next two years sorta mapped out and then all of a sudden something drastic takes place and your world has seemed to flip, in a way, ( so to speak)! Sometimes I sit back and I think, God what is it that  you're doing in and through my life! What  exactly are you showing me or teaching me or who is it that your using me to be an example for?! That is how my mind works because I'm like, these things must be happening for a reason! I try to live my life obedient to God to my best ability and when I am out of line I always repent and pray so I can remain aligned with my Savior. So I can say that certain things are happening for a reason, because I know that I am in position and God has ordained certain events in my life. So my logic begins to dive into this reasoning with myself and  my connection with the Lord, in order to gain some clarity! Do you all follow me?

    I trust Him 100%, don't get me wrong! I know for me - my life is not my own, it's dedicated to the Lord, and I personally know that if I want to receive all that is in store for me that I must succumb to His leading! Even when it doesn't make sense to me initially, I have to remain trusting the Lord and be prepared for what ever happens! I'm not complaining at all because I realize that I am being used by God, and that is what I always pray...that God may use me for His purpose; but I am just beginning to accept  the fact that all things may not go as I arrange or project. I have always been the kind of person in my past to have my life mapped out with short and long - term goals, because I've always wanted to be in control of my future. Now I still make goals for myself but they're not for my 'self-centered' gain! It's more geared to what is beneficial for My Family: My Husband and Our Kids as well as what God may have placed on my heart! Even though you may devise certain things to go a particular way, the unexpected still occurs! What do you do when this happens? When your heart's desires have seemed to begin to have taken an accidental turn? Perhaps it wasn't an accident, who knows? Who knows the mind of God? To try and begin to even understand what God is doing in my life sometimes is a lot in itself, because I don't always know the next moment or incident that might take place! But, I know God is a perfect God and He will never lead me astray! I guess this is how I begin to really walk by faith in Him and not lean on my own understanding, because that is literally where I am at right now!

   I know in the end of each instance, when it's all said and done;  I cannot lose and it all will work out for my benefit and those who are in my life! That is the confidence that I have in my Savior Jesus Christ. I may not know every single thing before it happens or even as it is happening, but I can guarantee myself, my husband and my kids that it will work out for the good at all times!

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