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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

♥To all my new followers, thank you all so very much for the support. I ask that you stay actively involved because I have a few great writing projects coming up that I'm sure you all would enjoy! God Bless...TTYL

Random Thoughts...

Praise the Lord everybody! Please forgive me for not being consistent over the past few weeks, I've been extremely busy! I really just wanted to stop by & let you all know that I'm still here, writing about topics that matter to me! If any of you have any suggestions on a topic or subject that you would like for me to express, let me know!~ I would love to get more involved with you all in that aspect!
   So like I said I've been busy getting a lot of things accomplished, which is a blessing because I'm trying to meet deadlines and time frames, in order to move on to the "Bigger Picture", ya know?! Sometimes my day's go by so fast because for the most part I'm doing 3 things @ once! LOL 
My kids really have a lot of energy, so they contribute to my somewhat chaotic days... They really do keep me focused & grounded indefinitely! ;) My # 1 priority in my life is Jesus and my family - then my career! There has to be a balance when your trying to juggle and maintain many areas in your life fluently! I give honor to my Lord, because without Him, I wouldn't have the strength that I have now to continue on! Thank God for a team player, my husband, thank you honey for your support and loyal friendship that you have provided to me! 
   We can't get so caught up that our daily activities begin to overtake & consume us. I love how a fellow blogger "Journey to Joy" always writes about listening & being still!  We each have a destiny & the decisions that we make now will determine our outcome! Simple...the law of sowing & reaping! Sow peace, optimism, productivity, compassion, etc... & these things you will also reap.
   I pray that my blogs and writings really do touch the heart of at least one individual, because then my purpose has been established, one person @ a time! I'm passionate about my literature and my words, I think twice about what I say & how I respond with my words, because they have power behind them. Sometimes words can penetrate a lot deeper than many of us think! 
   Take time to love and reflect on the people & things that really matter in your life and begin to express that to them more frequently. God is love and Love is power...It can cover a multitude of sins! 
Until next time...God Bless ***TIffany ♥

Friday, February 19, 2010

This is an excerpt from my current book project...

" ... I understand that sometimes it's challenging to step outside of the box and walk into the unknown or the unseen, but for me it was my one and only best option. Change is not easy for most people. It takes a lot of courage and a certain amount of self-esteem to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. I was steadfast in obtaining my goals and making my dreams a reality. I felt that God gave me a vision for a reason, so it was an urgent need of mine to accomplish the very essence of that. I had refused to be content with settling below my purpose, this wasn't the end for me it was merely my beginning.

   I was presented on numerous occasions with opposition from every angle. I mean left to right and right to left, I had to humble myself and avoid confrontation. I couldn't risk catching another case and getting more time. I had to get home as soon as possible to my child and my life. My faith, temper and tolerance were tested in the countless appearances of adversity.

   People commenced to try and ridicule my faith, my Lord, and my beliefs as if they were insignificant. I lived with atheists while I was there, idol worshipers and the whole nine. The amazing thing of it all is that the same people who opposed me came to respect me in my stand for Jesus and also apologized. This was only after they saw my humility and forgiveness towards them. I am not insinuating that I am an angel or perfect, because nobody is perfect but God Himself. I am only implying the demonstration of the miraculous power of God. I could not have been that patient with my temper prior to being saved, so it is vital to acknowledge from whom this ability came. I have to be blunt concerning this matter because I cannot keep myself, I cannot teach myself, the Holy Spirit faithfully moves on my behalf. What a powerful lesson for me to learn. The very reason that caused me to be in that hellhole was the same battle that I had to overcome. Like I said in the beginning; I use to be a hard-head and God knew exactly how to correct that. I learn best by experience, and what an experience this was."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Agape' Love...

Someone asked me a question the other day pertaining to real love & long distance relationships, & I was thinking about that question through out my day & how I should respond! I started thinking about how I have had to deal with the trials & long-suffering of what it takes to withstand a challenging experience like this; so this blog post is  very dear to my heart! (Well all my writings are actually...smile). 
   There is something about knowing without- a -doubt that you are with the man/woman that God has sent to you, thus having met the love of your life...so in return you must protect that union. If indeed one has acknowledged that their mate-spouse or fiance is in fact their 'soulmate', then I feel that it is essential to work through the kinks. Is the person worth the wait? Take for example the process in which Eve was created or formed. Eve was made for & from Adam, there was a purpose intended that only Eve/Adam could fulfill for each other! God put Adam to a deep sleep & removed one of his ribs, then once the procedure was over God breathed life into Eve after He formed her from the dust as well! Couldn't God have just simply made Eve?! Of course, but there was a significance in why God took one of Adam's rib's and gave to Eve. God then presented the woman to Adam, & Adam went on to name her: "Woman"...because she had been taken from him, (the womb of Adam), bone of his bone & flesh of his flesh! Think about that! That's mighty in the sight of Jesus, & that's why the enemy is tactful in trying to break up happy & productive homes, families & marriages! We have to persevere through the good & bad times! There was a song, one amongst many, that I use to hear growing up in my household as a child and this one just popped up in my head... "Ain't no mountain high enough..." This song song spoke of a bond that was so strong between 2 individuals that even when things weren't going so well, it was the persistence & loyalty  that didn't allow any distance, time, nor circumstance to interfere with their love! I am reminded of the kind of love that Jesus exhibited for us all! This was a special kinda love, unconditional, pure, undefiled, patient, long-suffering, selfless...bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and ENDURES all things! 1 Corinthians 13
This is what continues forever, Agape' LOVE! This type of love is also not easily provoked, therefore it is not easily angered or over-sensitive! Love never gives up, knowing that God can change a person or a situation for the better. 
   It is a process to begin to respond with these characteristics on a consistent basis, but once we inherit the way of the Lord concerning love, imagine how much more content you will become, patient, and forgiving! It's easier said then done, but the nature of loving another person is a learning experience because each of us are individuals and none of us are perfect, so we all have flaws, in one way or another! The important thing is joining together as an union & practicing these percepts, in order to receive the fullness of the true meaning of love! Love is an action just like faith...the emotion is behind the action , but the action is what speaks & produces results! 
Until next time: Peace & love in the Name of Jesus!  ;)...God bless***Tiffany

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Beauty in  Shape or Looks won't last,
but Beauty in Heart & Soul are meant Forever!
I titled this one, 'Hidden Treasure", because to me - that is where true beauty resides! It resides in the hidden treasure of one's heart & soul! Outer appearances are important to many people, & I must admit, to me as well to a certain extent -  however it doesn't determine who I am as a woman, especially being a woman of God! In my opinion Beauty is the inner being shinning brighter than the outward man - with examples such as: loyalty, loving kindness, meekness, strength, & pure virtue that rest's in the core-being of  individuals. (Obviously there is much more to be said about inner beauty, but this is my brief explanation.) It is the essence of who we are, what we represent! How we treat one another- & how we consider the feelings of other people! Outer appearance is merely as superficial as it appears to be, it simply is just what you see. There is much more to many people than just the embodiment that is before you! Take my husband for example, when I initially met him I thought that he was a handsome man, but once I began to speak with him & held an intellectual conversation with him I found out that he had a lot more beauty to offer me as my soul mate! I saw that as he revealed his inner person to me that it was more intensity to him than what appeared, this in my eyes made my husband a beautiful human being to me, because he had depth and a positive identity & energy! You cannot determine the worth of a person based solely on the way their face is shaped, by how small or big their lips are, by the length of their hair- nor by the size of their body! When you begin to know a person for who they really are you then have the opportunity to see the beautiful or ugly nature that encompasses them! I consider myself to be a beautiful woman, but it is not because my body is perfect nor that my face is exceptional based on society's standards; it is because of the light that shines through my outer shell & it radiates my inner & outer beauty as a whole. It is not broken up in facets which suggest a particular, singled out feature as the natural-shallow mind would see; but instead it creates an entire-fulfilled glimpse of who Tiffany really is! Every person's beauty is unique & different, as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" . It is like gathering three different people together to glance at an art painting and then asking them all what did they see! Each one would say that they saw something different than the next individual that glanced @ the picture, however I'm sure they would all agree that the entire picture was beautiful or interesting in some way before their sight! Do you understand where I am coming from?! Most people hold their own rare beauty & I say 'most' because some people may not understand the character of beauty to possess it quite yet.. The point is that you will not receive anything from anyone based on what you see as the outer appearance of a person, however you will receive from the inner depth or shallowness of the personality with whom you are dealing with; because we know that it is the personality of a person that makes up who that person is! 
God knows & searches the hearts & mind of all men!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Poetic Ancestor

 This is just a blog post that provides a bit of history of one of my ancestors pertaining to literature! This is something that I was not taught in school, but through research I sought out some informing information. It is inspiring to me as well - especially in my field of work. Her belief system was different as mine, but her accomplishments are recognized.

Phillis Wheatley: Writer/Author/Poet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Phillis Wheatley, as illustrated by Scipio Moorhead in the Frontispiece to her book Poems on Various Subjects.
Phillis Wheatley (1753 – December 5, 1784) was the first African American poet and the first African-American woman whose writings were published.[1] Born in Gambia, Senegal, she was enslaved at age seven. She was purchased by the Wheatley family of Boston, who taught her to read and write, and helped encourage her poetry.
The 1773 publication of Wheatley's Poems on , Religious and Moral brought her fame, with figures such as George Washington praising her work. Wheatley also visited England for five weeks accompanying her 'Brother' Nathaniel and was praised in a poem by fellow African American poet Jupiter Hammon. Wheatley was emancipated by her owners after her poetic success.[2]
   With the 1774 publication of Wheatley's book Poems on Various Subjects, she "became the most famous African on the face of the earth."[6] Voltaire stated in a letter to a friend that Wheatley had proved that black people could write poetry. John Paul Jones asked a fellow officer to deliver some of his personal writings to "Phillis the African favorite of the Nine (muses) and Apollo."[6] She was also honored by many of America's founding fathers, including George Washington.
Wheatley's book is today seen as helping create the genre of African American literature.[7]
She is honored as the first African American woman to publish a book and the first to make a living[?] from her writing.[8]
There is a building named in her honor at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
In 2002, scholar Molefi Kete Asante listed Phillis Wheatley on his list of 100 Greatest African Americans.[9]

Fred Hammond: No greater love...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The kids are our future!

This is a video of a an anointed little girl, who knows God for herself at the tender age of 3! Please watch! 

Black History

Monday, February 1, 2010

 Let me apologize for a piece of incorrect info that I gave on my blog titled repentance. I quoted 
2 Corinthians 7:10...however I mistakenly wrote down 2 Corinthians 8:10... please make a note of this! Thank you!

Protect & believe in your dreams...

I have been away for a couple of days, I had some prioritizing to do! Now I'm back... I am so excited that I just completed the third chapter to my book! Initially I was going to make it a 10-12 chapter book, but that's a lot for a Memoir. So, I think I'm going to shrink it down to around 8-9 chapter's. That should be a good size. What do you guy's think? My goal is to have it completed in 4 months. I'm sure I could do it! My husband and I should be visiting NY in the summer, so I definitely want to have a majority of my book completed by then, so I can make some face to face contacts while in NY City! My husband is my manager, so I know that I'm in good hands, I just have to start searching for a Literary Agent and begin sending off my Query Letters  and so forth. It is definitely a long journey with a lot of hard work, but  I know it is within arms reach! I am motivated and goal orientated and I know that nothing is impossible with God, so my dreams are going to come to pass. I just have to stay focused and driven and that is exactly what I intend to do! Over the pass couple of day's I was on a consecration and it really gave me time to reflect on the more important things in my life. Where I need to focus my attention & energy to mostly & how I need to go about doing those things. Prayer is my way of receiving guidance & my heart's desires from the Lord, and it is also how I receive my assurance for my future. I'm going to be making a big change in my life real soon( I will share with you all when this marvelous time comes), and this experience alone is a wonderful blessing in disguise. It will afford me the opportunity to study abroad and to experience another culture. The Lord is guiding my life and directing me down  the path that He see's fit and for what is most beneficial for myself and my family.  I am grateful to God for bestowing His tender mercies and grace upon my life. I live to please Him and bring glory & honor to His holy name! Take time to get in touch with the Creator of life and find your purpose and mission in life. It is at this point that you can live freely and truly be pleased with your hearts passion and receive His blessings in abundance. Hard times will come but you will have the Comforter to keep you, to give you hope and maintain you with His strengths. Nothing is too hard to endure when you have the Most High on your side! Pursue your passions, accomplish your dreams and reach high! Until next time...Be blessed...***Tiffany
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