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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Special Poem Titled : How Serene!

How serene... the thought of embracing life's precious treasures, receiving gifts from up high-sent down below-to heal our heart's and free our souls, to touch our minds and lighten the load! How serene... a glimpse into your loved ones eye's, only to see true love reside, what a fortune-without calamity; To receive your hearts desire which carry no deceit, to hopelessly fall in love with the man/woman of your dreams...How serene to share, to care, to laugh freely, to capture the essence of belief... to watch your dreams unfold right before your sight! How serene I ask-how serene?!
   The journey was a ride, and yet it still remains- but this path I do not regret I learned powerful lessons along the way.  Have you ever heard of unconditional love, well I'm learning it today-and the more & more that I learn I realize my love cannot be swayed... not away from you or your light which is hidden deep inside-because I'll continually, faithfully pray for our radiance to glow together as bright as the first sunrise! Are you my soul's mate or is that just mere fantasy?! Well in my book a fantasy is pure romance and together we've created a tangible reality!

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