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Friday, January 22, 2010

Truly blessed.. Count your blessings!

This blog is not an effort to condemn the Nation of Haiti, however it is intended to do just the opposite! It is to acknowledge the tragedy that has taken place and to take a moment to reflect on the many blessings in our own individual lives. Imagine being in their shoes or having family or friends that have a strong connection to the many losses that have taken place! Sometimes it seems like certain things in life don't really effect us until it hit's home or even close to home! Many of us are blessed, I know that I am... especially when I look around and see the devastation in the world, I realize that it could have easily been me; maybe not with a physical earthquake, but in the form of personal earthquakes that shake up our own life and situation! Not every family, nation or country may have the same favor or luxuries that many of us do & it's important to look outside of the box from time to time and consider the many afflicted hearts around you! Maybe it's a loved one, maybe a close friend, maybe a co-worker! It's easier to ignore other people's struggle & focus on our own 'problems'...but God has called us to brotherly love and compassion! His ministry consisted of reaching out to the widow's, the prostitutes, the tax collector's... the so-called BAD people! My point is that maybe you are the light or the love that another person needs in their life, don't be afraid to let your light shine! It's a hurting and dying world and we can play our part to take the time to have compassion on another individual! To have a basic compassion for other people and their situation is mandatory, especially in today's society! 
   I cannot help but to swell up with emotion from the disturbing images that are before me as I gaze attentively upon Anderson Cooper's live coverage on the nation of Haiti! There is a lot that can be done by us, the American people! It is a humane responsibility of us all to consider their afflictions and attempt to do our small part! Maybe it's money, maybe it's creating awareness of the severity of their current state, or simply just supporting by prayer! I believe that God is in control of all things in heaven and on earth, but prayer changes things and God is a merciful God! These people are obviously dealing with more than just the effects of a "common" earthquake! 
   A lot of times in life we take for granted the liberties that we do have by being Americans! There are other countries who do not share the same type of democracy, civilization or even opportunities that we have here in the USA! I am a child of God and I do realize the many blessings that have been placed on my life and I know they are not to retain them all for myself! Let's love a little harder and forgive a lot quicker, we don't have time to waste! Until next time I bid you God's speed! ***Tiffany

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