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Monday, January 4, 2010

Staying Motivated

Losing any type of motivation for me right now, is 100% not an option! I have to stay focused and driven in order to see my vision come to life! Looking forward to your future is so important and persevering inspite of difficulties is mandatory. Who really has time to waste? I was reading another blog today,( I read so many-I can't remember exactly from who right now)...however she mentioned how somehow the time managed to get away from her. That is so true how time flies... All of us who have a specific goal in mind, especially with a certain "ideal" time frame, we have to dedicate & allot a certain amount of time in each day to the project @ hand. As time continues to run ;)... we will be producing results right along with it. As they say time waits for no man-nor shall it. We have to get in where we fit in & make it happen! Before you know it, we'll be looking back, like WOW-another year gone! My brother told me yesterday,"keep up the same energy & maintain it, because God gives us ideas for a reason."
Definitely don't want to miss out on your season or your time to shine. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!
Until next time...BE BLESSED ***Tiffany

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