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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Agape' Love...

Someone asked me a question the other day pertaining to real love & long distance relationships, & I was thinking about that question through out my day & how I should respond! I started thinking about how I have had to deal with the trials & long-suffering of what it takes to withstand a challenging experience like this; so this blog post is  very dear to my heart! (Well all my writings are actually...smile). 
   There is something about knowing without- a -doubt that you are with the man/woman that God has sent to you, thus having met the love of your life...so in return you must protect that union. If indeed one has acknowledged that their mate-spouse or fiance is in fact their 'soulmate', then I feel that it is essential to work through the kinks. Is the person worth the wait? Take for example the process in which Eve was created or formed. Eve was made for & from Adam, there was a purpose intended that only Eve/Adam could fulfill for each other! God put Adam to a deep sleep & removed one of his ribs, then once the procedure was over God breathed life into Eve after He formed her from the dust as well! Couldn't God have just simply made Eve?! Of course, but there was a significance in why God took one of Adam's rib's and gave to Eve. God then presented the woman to Adam, & Adam went on to name her: "Woman"...because she had been taken from him, (the womb of Adam), bone of his bone & flesh of his flesh! Think about that! That's mighty in the sight of Jesus, & that's why the enemy is tactful in trying to break up happy & productive homes, families & marriages! We have to persevere through the good & bad times! There was a song, one amongst many, that I use to hear growing up in my household as a child and this one just popped up in my head... "Ain't no mountain high enough..." This song song spoke of a bond that was so strong between 2 individuals that even when things weren't going so well, it was the persistence & loyalty  that didn't allow any distance, time, nor circumstance to interfere with their love! I am reminded of the kind of love that Jesus exhibited for us all! This was a special kinda love, unconditional, pure, undefiled, patient, long-suffering, selfless...bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and ENDURES all things! 1 Corinthians 13
This is what continues forever, Agape' LOVE! This type of love is also not easily provoked, therefore it is not easily angered or over-sensitive! Love never gives up, knowing that God can change a person or a situation for the better. 
   It is a process to begin to respond with these characteristics on a consistent basis, but once we inherit the way of the Lord concerning love, imagine how much more content you will become, patient, and forgiving! It's easier said then done, but the nature of loving another person is a learning experience because each of us are individuals and none of us are perfect, so we all have flaws, in one way or another! The important thing is joining together as an union & practicing these percepts, in order to receive the fullness of the true meaning of love! Love is an action just like faith...the emotion is behind the action , but the action is what speaks & produces results! 
Until next time: Peace & love in the Name of Jesus!  ;)...God bless***Tiffany

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