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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Beauty in  Shape or Looks won't last,
but Beauty in Heart & Soul are meant Forever!
I titled this one, 'Hidden Treasure", because to me - that is where true beauty resides! It resides in the hidden treasure of one's heart & soul! Outer appearances are important to many people, & I must admit, to me as well to a certain extent -  however it doesn't determine who I am as a woman, especially being a woman of God! In my opinion Beauty is the inner being shinning brighter than the outward man - with examples such as: loyalty, loving kindness, meekness, strength, & pure virtue that rest's in the core-being of  individuals. (Obviously there is much more to be said about inner beauty, but this is my brief explanation.) It is the essence of who we are, what we represent! How we treat one another- & how we consider the feelings of other people! Outer appearance is merely as superficial as it appears to be, it simply is just what you see. There is much more to many people than just the embodiment that is before you! Take my husband for example, when I initially met him I thought that he was a handsome man, but once I began to speak with him & held an intellectual conversation with him I found out that he had a lot more beauty to offer me as my soul mate! I saw that as he revealed his inner person to me that it was more intensity to him than what appeared, this in my eyes made my husband a beautiful human being to me, because he had depth and a positive identity & energy! You cannot determine the worth of a person based solely on the way their face is shaped, by how small or big their lips are, by the length of their hair- nor by the size of their body! When you begin to know a person for who they really are you then have the opportunity to see the beautiful or ugly nature that encompasses them! I consider myself to be a beautiful woman, but it is not because my body is perfect nor that my face is exceptional based on society's standards; it is because of the light that shines through my outer shell & it radiates my inner & outer beauty as a whole. It is not broken up in facets which suggest a particular, singled out feature as the natural-shallow mind would see; but instead it creates an entire-fulfilled glimpse of who Tiffany really is! Every person's beauty is unique & different, as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" . It is like gathering three different people together to glance at an art painting and then asking them all what did they see! Each one would say that they saw something different than the next individual that glanced @ the picture, however I'm sure they would all agree that the entire picture was beautiful or interesting in some way before their sight! Do you understand where I am coming from?! Most people hold their own rare beauty & I say 'most' because some people may not understand the character of beauty to possess it quite yet.. The point is that you will not receive anything from anyone based on what you see as the outer appearance of a person, however you will receive from the inner depth or shallowness of the personality with whom you are dealing with; because we know that it is the personality of a person that makes up who that person is! 
God knows & searches the hearts & mind of all men!


Mattias said...

This is so true Tiffany, the language of the body reflects what we have on the inner side.I made you an admin in the group today, I hope you don´t mind.

Hana Shamsul said...

I totally agree with you!

Your Sista In Christ said...

Tiffany, I love everthing you stated and it is so true. To take you to another subject how can two people who once were followers of evil and now serving the same God be seprated. Something that was once so gunine and true seems all the be a lie now or was it really ever true. I look at it like we serve the same God but we are still far away. I know that may have taken away from you topic. This has really been on my heart and it hurts.....

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