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Friday, February 19, 2010

This is an excerpt from my current book project...

" ... I understand that sometimes it's challenging to step outside of the box and walk into the unknown or the unseen, but for me it was my one and only best option. Change is not easy for most people. It takes a lot of courage and a certain amount of self-esteem to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. I was steadfast in obtaining my goals and making my dreams a reality. I felt that God gave me a vision for a reason, so it was an urgent need of mine to accomplish the very essence of that. I had refused to be content with settling below my purpose, this wasn't the end for me it was merely my beginning.

   I was presented on numerous occasions with opposition from every angle. I mean left to right and right to left, I had to humble myself and avoid confrontation. I couldn't risk catching another case and getting more time. I had to get home as soon as possible to my child and my life. My faith, temper and tolerance were tested in the countless appearances of adversity.

   People commenced to try and ridicule my faith, my Lord, and my beliefs as if they were insignificant. I lived with atheists while I was there, idol worshipers and the whole nine. The amazing thing of it all is that the same people who opposed me came to respect me in my stand for Jesus and also apologized. This was only after they saw my humility and forgiveness towards them. I am not insinuating that I am an angel or perfect, because nobody is perfect but God Himself. I am only implying the demonstration of the miraculous power of God. I could not have been that patient with my temper prior to being saved, so it is vital to acknowledge from whom this ability came. I have to be blunt concerning this matter because I cannot keep myself, I cannot teach myself, the Holy Spirit faithfully moves on my behalf. What a powerful lesson for me to learn. The very reason that caused me to be in that hellhole was the same battle that I had to overcome. Like I said in the beginning; I use to be a hard-head and God knew exactly how to correct that. I learn best by experience, and what an experience this was."

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