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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Praise the Lord everybody! Please forgive me for not being consistent over the past few weeks, I've been extremely busy! I really just wanted to stop by & let you all know that I'm still here, writing about topics that matter to me! If any of you have any suggestions on a topic or subject that you would like for me to express, let me know!~ I would love to get more involved with you all in that aspect!
   So like I said I've been busy getting a lot of things accomplished, which is a blessing because I'm trying to meet deadlines and time frames, in order to move on to the "Bigger Picture", ya know?! Sometimes my day's go by so fast because for the most part I'm doing 3 things @ once! LOL 
My kids really have a lot of energy, so they contribute to my somewhat chaotic days... They really do keep me focused & grounded indefinitely! ;) My # 1 priority in my life is Jesus and my family - then my career! There has to be a balance when your trying to juggle and maintain many areas in your life fluently! I give honor to my Lord, because without Him, I wouldn't have the strength that I have now to continue on! Thank God for a team player, my husband, thank you honey for your support and loyal friendship that you have provided to me! 
   We can't get so caught up that our daily activities begin to overtake & consume us. I love how a fellow blogger "Journey to Joy" always writes about listening & being still!  We each have a destiny & the decisions that we make now will determine our outcome! Simple...the law of sowing & reaping! Sow peace, optimism, productivity, compassion, etc... & these things you will also reap.
   I pray that my blogs and writings really do touch the heart of at least one individual, because then my purpose has been established, one person @ a time! I'm passionate about my literature and my words, I think twice about what I say & how I respond with my words, because they have power behind them. Sometimes words can penetrate a lot deeper than many of us think! 
   Take time to love and reflect on the people & things that really matter in your life and begin to express that to them more frequently. God is love and Love is power...It can cover a multitude of sins! 
Until next time...God Bless ***TIffany ♥

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